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Why hire a health coach anyway?

A health coach provides valuable support to help individuals reach health and wellness goals. Having a health coach provides accountability, helping to ensure that you stay on track and reach your goals in a timely manner. Health coaches have the knowledge and expertise to help create a personalized plan to help guide individuals to obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a health coach, I can provide practical tips on nutrition, exercise, habit formation, stress management, and more, to help individuals make positive changes to their lifestyle (disclaimer: I do not give out individualized nutrition plans, numbers, or guides). Additionally, emotional and motivational support is provided, which can be an invaluable resource for those looking to make long-term lifestyle changes. Ultimately, a health coach can be a key partner in helping you make positive changes and reach your health and wellness goals.

What do sessions typically look like?

As humans we are wired for connection. That is why I feel 1:1 coaching sessions are one of the most underutilized and most effect tools to changing habits and lifestyle. No two sessions look alike, each is an individualized and customized virtual, yet personal, experience designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. I am able to meet you where you are at in each session and we then together make adjustments to keep you on your path to wellness. Continuous blood glucose monitors can be utilized along with lab testing, fitness devices, and food tracker apps are all recommended to aid in accountability. Each session ends by setting realistic and attainable goals to monitor progress.

Eating Healthy Salad
Making Green Juice
Drinking Green Smoothie

How long do sessions last?

Each session is booked for 30 minutes. Typically follow up sessions once established run 20-25 minutes, as these sessions are for accountability, checking in, and goal adjusting. Sessions take place over HIPAA compliant zoom. Sessions can be recorded for your ability to play it back, please request this during the session if you so desire. Resources and educational materials can be emailed post session. Follow up between sessions takes place through email.  

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